Community Partners

Your organization can partner with JLM in several ways – become a financial partner or apply to receive trained volunteers and funding for individual project/placements within your organization.

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JLM donates more than $1 million in volunteer time and direct financial support to the Mobile and Baldwin communities. Every five years, Junior League of Mobile members identify an impact area in an effort to better direct their volunteer efforts. Healthy Children: Hunger, Nutrition and Fitness is the current impact area, which was selected for the foreseeable future.

The choice of this impact area is the culmination of several years of research and analysis by members of JLM to determine the needs of the community and JLM members. Throughout the research and analysis stage, the issues of obesity and nutrition continually rose to the top as a pressing need in our community, as well as JLM members’ interest. During this time, community projects that address these impact areas are funded with time and money by JLM.

For questions on partnering with JLM, please contact the Community Council Manager.

Hunger, Nutrition, and Fitness Objectives
Mission Based Objective

**Denotes a JLM Signature Project which is operated entirely by JLM. If JLM withdraws support from this project, it will cease to exist.