Partnership Opportunities

There are a number of ways that you and your organization can connect with JLM and its members. See below for a list of possibilities:

Community Collaborations— JLM reaches out to our community by offering opportunities to work together with other non-profit agencies and schools to discover ways that we can collaborate to improve the effectiveness of agencies, services, and programs in our community. Meetings are no charge and held at the Junior League of Mobile on a semi-annual basis. Scheduled meetings are always posted on the JLM’s main public page of our website.

Community Projects— JLM partners with organizations that share its mission to effectively and positively impact our community. The Junior League of Mobile’s (JLM) Ready Hands program enables JLM to assist community agencies that do not have a need for JLM volunteers on an ongoing basis but may have a need to staff a one or two-day special event or have a one-time need for extra volunteers. Any non-profit organization in the Mobile and Baldwin County area is eligible for application. Click Here to apply.

Provisional Class Project— Annually, JLM accepts proposals from nonprofit agencies in the greater Mobile and Baldwin County areas to assist in programs to benefit the local community. JLM Provisional Class members work on the selected projects throughout their first year in JLM.  JLM provides the initial funding of the project which includes volunteer assistance from JLM.

Community Assistance Fund (CAF)— Allows JLM to respond financially to needs and opportunities without the required volunteer component or project involvement.

JLM FOLIO Magazine— List your event in the Upcoming Events section of FOLIO, our print publication.  Please send your event title, organization name, date and any other pertinent information to our FOLIO editor.  JLM must have event information six months in advance in order to ensure publication.

For more information please contact the JLM Community Council Manager.