Q. What is Junior League of Mobile?
A. Junior League of Mobile (JLM) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Q. How does Junior League of Mobile support and improve the community?
A. Junior League of Mobile gives time and money to support 22 programs with 12 charitable agencies in the Mobile area. The organization’s economic impact is about $1 million annually combined in funds invested in the community and the value of its volunteer hours as calculated using Points of Light Foundation metrics Within the member selected impact areas of children and education, JLM is addressing the community impact area of Healthy Children: Hunger, Nutrition, & Fitness.   In addition, JLM trains volunteers to become community and civic leaders through service and voluntarism.

Q. How do you determine what agencies/community projects you will support?
A. JLM accepts applications for volunteers and funding annually. JLM current process allows for mass agency applications every five years. JLM annually evaluates its community partnerships based on resources available and current needs so applications are accepted annually via JLM’s website. In addition to ongoing projects, JLM also supports the community through our Provisional Projects and Community Assistance Fund. Our current Impact Area is Healthy Children: Hunger, Nutrition and Fitness.

Q. How does someone become a Junior League of Mobile member?
A. Junior League of Mobile, Inc. has a sponsored admissions process. Prospective member must be sponsored by an active member.  Only one additional sponsor is then required.  The secondary sponsor can be either an active member or a sustainer. Both sponsors must be in good standing with JLM.  Only one sponsor may be a relative and only one may be a non-resident member. JLM admissions process begins in January of each year.

Q. Is Junior League of Mobile diverse?
A. Our organization is a diverse membership of more than 1,000 women who work as volunteers to fulfill its mission.  JLM reaches out to women of all races, religions, and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.  JLM has recognized a need for diversity conversations in the community; we added an internal committee to focus on diversity in 2007.  In the spring of 2008, JLM requested and received a Diversity Proclamation from the Mayor of Mobile, Sam Jones.  This proclamation established a day of diversity and inclusion for the entire city of Mobile. 

Q. I am not a member of Junior League of Mobile. What other opportunities are available to me or my company?
A.  JLM offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to support or partner with the League:

Q. Is there a Junior League in my area?
A. Contact the Association of Junior Leagues International Inc., 90 William Street, Suite 200, New York City, NY 10038, or call AJLI at 1.212.951.8300, or visit their website.

Q.  I am a member in good standing of another Junior League. How do I transfer my League membership when I move to Mobile?
A.  Contact the JLM Transfer Chair if you are interested in transferring from another league and we will assist you with the transfer process.

Q. I used to be a member of JLM, but resigned in good standing. How do I reinstate my membership?
A. Per Bylaws, Article III, Section 9: A member who has resigned in good standing or whose membership was terminated for non-fulfillment of their membership obligations, may submit an application for reinstatement to the Membership Development Manager (MDM). The MDM will submit the applicant’s name to the Executive Vice President and the Governance Director. The Recording Secretary and the Governance Director will review the applicant’s membership records and will supply that information to the Board of Directors. The member may be reinstated by an approval of the Board of Directors and payment of dues and fees. Results of the Board vote will be communicated with the MDM who, in turn, will inform the applicant.

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Q. I was a provisional member of Junior League of Mobile, but was unable to complete my provisional course as required by JLM bylaws and was removed from the membership roster. Can I reinstate my provisional membership in Junior League of Mobile?
A. No, a provisional member removed from the membership roster may not reinstate as a provisional member.  She may become a prospective member of Junior League of Mobile and be sponsored for membership by going back through the admissions process.