Lead-HER Development Initiative

The first point of the core values of the Junior League of Mobile is “Leadership – JLM provides a motivating and supportive environment through continuous learning that encourages our members’ individual leadership potential in JLM and the community.” By providing opportunities to our membership to build and enact leadership skills, the Junior League of Mobile members are bettering our community through their daily actions. 

Under the 2023-2024 President Initiatives led by President Shellie Teague, the Junior League of Mobile has amplified this core value by building several avenues to identify members who are looking to lead. 

This initiative includes allowing members to apply to represent the Junior League of Mobile at AJLI leadership conferences such as the Winter Leadership Conference, ODI, and Annual Meeting and be the JLM nominee for Leadership Mobile. It also includes the continuation of the Leadership Academy that occurs at the Junior League of Mobile Headquarters. The Leadership Academy hosts top speakers from all over the nation to develop high-level leadership skills that will better attendees in the way they lead, develop,  and encourage themselves and others. 

We have an immediate need for funding in our membership leadership development to help us develop a greater number of members through our various avenues. 

Your generous donation to the Lead-Her Development Initiative will help us reach our goal of $15,000 by May 31, 2024. You can support this initiative with a one-time or recurring monthly tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for supporting the development of women leaders!