JLM Footprints in Downtown Mobile

Downtown Walking Tour March 2017The Downtown Walking Tour Committee is tasked with giving tours of about a dozen sites in downtown Mobile noting their importance in history and current-day use including but not limited to Fort Conde, Government Plaza, Christ Cathedral Church and the Phoenix Fire Museum. On Feb 14th, the Downtown Walking Tour guides (JLM members Joanna Boguski, Anne Glasser, and Maria Williams) had the pleasure of giving a Downtown Walking Tour to the 4th graders of UMS-Wright School. As teachers and chaperones arrived, JLM member Melanie Elliot was seen chaperoning for her daughter’s class and noted that she loved seeing how JLM is out in the community impacting her own household. One 4th grade class (Mrs. Hall) was able to stop by Government Plaza to visit with Mayor Stimpson. Mayor Stimpson spoke about his role in the City of Mobile’s day-to-day activities and even posed for a few pictures. While Mrs. Hall’s class was anxiously awaiting Mayor Stimpson’s warm greeting, JLM member Anitra Henderson was spotted on the 10th floor curiously watching students walking to a conference room. Tour guide, Maria Williams, quickly noted that this was a JLM placement – the Downtown Walking Tour – and that getting to see the Mayor was not on the usual tour but was glad for this special treat. Mayor Stimpson’s staff gave the 4th graders a very important sticker – a green M with a purple fleur-de-lis underneath – the new City logo designed by JLM member, Stacy Wellborn. JLM members are volunteers, parents, working professionals, and small business owners all making an impact in our community we know as home. #WeareJLM