CJ FAQ – Tickets

2021 Ticket Sales coming soon! Check back soon for the link to purchase tickets!

Tickets are digital this year!  Read below for more information on your digital ticket purchase.

How do I get my tickets once I have purchased them online?
Your ticket will be emailed to you with your receipt. The link to the ticket is in the body of the email. You can print the tickets (each one will print out as an 8.5″ x 11″ page) or just open the ticket on your phone at the door to be scanned by our scanners!

I am having trouble downloading my ticket from the link in my email.  Help!
When you click on the link to your digital ticket in your email, it may open a separate window that appears to be loading.  However, your ticket may have downloaded as a document in another window.  Be sure to check your computer or phone for the downloaded e-ticket in the background or in a separate tab!  If you are still having trouble, please email headquarters@juniorleaguemobile.org and we will send you another email with a link to your ticket!

I don’t have an email address! Can I still purchase advance tickets?
Yes! If you do not have an email address for your digital tickets, you may come to Junior League of Mobile’s Headquarters, located at 57 N. Sage Avenue in Mobile, and we will print your unique ticket to take with you! Like the digital tickets, the printed ticket can only be scanned once. And, if lost is NOT replaceable.

Can I use my ticket for re-entry into the market?
No, each ticket can only be scanned once and will no longer be valid after it is scanned. We will be giving stamps for those who need same day re-entry. You will need an additional ticket to come to a 2nd or 3rd day of market.

If I miss VIP shopping, can I exchange my ticket for entry later on Friday or another day of market?
Like the other electronic tickets, the VIP shopping ticket can only be scanned once. If you do not use it on Friday morning, it can still be used any other time during the market, but the VIP ticket is a single day entry ticket as well.

Does my 4 year old need a ticket?
No! Children 5 and under get in free! Children 6-12 must have a children’s ticket, which costs $5, and children 13 and older will need a general admission ticket to enjoy market.

Will there be any ticket sales promotions?

Please follow/mark yourself as “going” on our Facebook event page to keep up with our promotions in the coming weeks! We will not have any discounted/free tickets other than those listed on our website and those associated with our ticket promotions so make sure and look out for those leading up to the market!

I made an in-kind monetary/services donation to Christmas Jubilee, do I have to also purchase tickets?
We have some complimentary tickets for our donors that will be sent out prior to market based on the amount/value of your donation. For donation/sponsorship information contact our Christmas Jubilee Chair at cjdonor@juniorleaguemobile.org.

If you have any additional questions about ticket purchases for Junior League of Mobile’s Christmas Jubilee, please contact headquarters@juniorleaguemobile.org.